Why HelloBright?

Hello Housing, a nonprofit organization, has been working within the fabric of existing neighborhoods since its founding in 2005, and directly with Bay Area homeowners since 2012.


We saw an opportunity to put our 15 years of experience renovating single-family homes to work helping homeowners stabilize their futures while creating a new supply of rental housing stock.

HelloBright.org, powered by Hello Housing, features new housing solutions borne out of partnerships with homeowners, public agencies, major corporations, and philanthropy. Our first offering, Bright in Your Own Backyard, is a new program to help owners add second units while adding new rental units that are affordable to households earning less than the area median income.


If we continue with the status quo, our public programs will meet the needs of a very small handful of lower-income households, and market-rate developers will meet the needs of high-income earners, leaving a huge gap in the middle.

​It's time we mix it up.