What to Expect

By participating in Bright in Your Own Backyard, you can expect that Hello Housing’s team will: 1) assess your property for feasibility and help you establish a project vision that fits within your available resources, 2) help identify third-party professionals, coordinate design, cost estimating, bidding and value engineering, 3) shepherd your project through the permitting process, 4) provide construction management support and 5) ensure you receive landlord training to support fair housing practices.

We will organize your project budget and schedule into the following five phases, so you can understand the financial implications of moving through each phase.

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  • Property feasibility

  • Site visit

  • Project visioning

  • Big picture costs

  • Financial assessment

  • Landlord overview

  • Emotional readiness to say, "Let's do it!"

  • Architect selection

  • Initial meeting with planning/building

  • Products & finishes

  • Detailed cost estimate

  • GC Bidding

  • Design refinement
  • Permit submittals

  • Plan check comment coordination

  • Resubmittals

  • Utility coordination

  • GC contract templates

  • Construction management

  • Contractor payments

  • Inspections

  • Warranty coordination

  • Lease templates

  • Landlord training

  • Tenant matchmaking

  • Property management referrals


Design & Cost Estimating


Construction Management

Lease Up