Our Funders & Partners


Hello Housing depends on its funders and partners - both public and private - to help make our vision a reality. Bright in Your Own Backyard is an innovative approach to increasing the supply of rental housing in single-family neighborhoods. Special thanks to our partners and funders who understand we can't just do more of the same to address the Bay Area's housing crisis.

San Mateo County.png

First money in!

San Mateo County is not only a pilot participant, they approved  matching funds for pilot cities.

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Investing in their backyard

Genentech has provided critical capital to Hello Housing, paving the way for us to scale up.


Supporting our research

SVCF has invested in Hello Housing's research into right-sized incentives to drive ADUs.


Welcoming ADUs in Pacifica

Given the size and topography of Pacifica, ADUs are a great way to increase the supply of rental units.

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Second units are here to stay

East Palo Alto is excited to support more housing through the creation of ADUs.

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At the forefront of ADU regs

Redwood City has been a trailblazer in advancing ADUs as an important housing strategy.

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Investing in Hello Housing

Since 2016, MidPen has invested in Hello Housing to bring new housing solutions to market.

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Leading the charge in SMC

The Second Unit Resources Center led Hello Housing to prioritize San Mateo County.


We are better together!

Home for All has been instrumental in creating regional solutions in housing.

Symbium Square.png

Demystifying regulation

Symbium Build is making it possible to explore your ADU's regulatory feasibility with ease!

Alameda HCD.png

Expanding affordable housing

Creating innovations in affordable housing by repurposing funds to support homeowners create much needed housing supply.

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Let's find out! Contact us.

It takes a village to make a village! We are always looking for great partners and funding to scale.