About us

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Hello Housing, the nonprofit organization powering HelloBright.org, advances housing solutions that promote stability, center equity and cultivate community.


Founded in 2005, the Hello Housing “way of working” is collaborative by design, engaging our public and private partners and the communities we serve, to preserve existing and produce new affordable housing in the Bay Area. As both a developer of affordable for-sale homes and a designer/operator of a variety of homeownership programs, Hello Housing helps people call the Bay Area home for generations.


While many households in the Bay Area can afford to make a hefty monthly mortgage payment, saving up for the down payment while paying hefty rent is a major barrier. Hello Housing, in partnership with Alameda County, is giving buyers a boost with an AC Boost Down Payment Assistance Loan of up to $210,000. Preferences are given to educators, first responders and households displaced from Alameda County. Alameda County voters approved $50 million for this purpose and we are busy putting these dollars to work throughout the County. Learn more at ACBoost.org.